[Cardiovascular effects of lateral intracerebroventricular injection of L-securinine].

Article date: 2002/4/10

PubMed ID: 11941410

Journal name: Sheng li xue bao : [Acta physiologica Sinica] (ISSN: 0371-0874)


To investigate cardiovascular effects of changed GABAergic tonic activation in periventricular forebrain, arterial pressure (AP), heart rate (HR) and renal sympathetic nerve discharge (RSND) were recorded in anesthetized rats when L-securinine (L-Sec) was administered into the lateral intracerebroventricle. L-Sec elicited dose-dependent increases in RSND, AP and HR, which were much weaker than those of bicuculline. L-Sec antagonized the sympatho-inhibitory and depressor effects evoked by both muscimol and baclofen. These results indicate that GABAergic inhibition originating from periventricular forebrain may suppress tonically sympathetic outflow to cardiovascular system which is disinhibited by L-Sec, and L-Sec is likely an unselective GABA receptor antagonist.

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Author List: Zhao X Y, Jiang Z Y, Peng J Z

Publication Types: Journal Article

Substances mentioned in the article: Alkaloids; Azepines; GABA Antagonists; Heterocyclic Compounds, 4 or More Rings; Heterocyclic Compounds, Bridged-Ring; Lactones; Piperidines; securinine;

Mesh terms: Alkaloids/pharmacology; Animals; Azepines; Blood Pressure/drug effects; Electrophysiology; GABA Antagonists/pharmacology; Heart Rate/drug effects; Heterocyclic Compounds, 4 or More Rings; Heterocyclic Compounds, Bridged-Ring; Injections, Intraventricular; Kidney/innervation; Lactones; Male; Piperidines; Rats; Rats, Sprague-Dawley; Sympathetic Nervous System/drug effects;

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