Cholinergic mechanism in the lateral septal area is involved in the stress-induced blood pressure increase in rats.

Article date: 2003/1/1

PubMed ID: 12507686

Journal name: Brain research bulletin (ISSN: 0361-9230)


Previously, we demonstrated that the rostral part of the ventral zone of the lateral septal area (LSV) was involved in the restraint stress-induced pressor response. It is suggested that there exist acetylcholine receptors responsible for blood pressure increase in the caudal part of the lateral septal area. In this study, we examined whether acetylcholine receptors responsible for pressor responses also exist in the rostral part of the LSV and whether these acetylcholine receptors are involved in the stress-induced pressor response in rats. Microinjection of either carbachol (10-100pmol) or physostigmine (0.46 and 1.5nmol) into the LSV caused a dose-dependent increase in blood pressure. The pressor response to carbachol (30pmol) was inhibited by the M1 antagonist pirenzepine and the M3 antagonist 4-DAMP mustard but not by the M2 antagonist methoctramine injected into the LSV. Bilateral microinjections of the M1/M3 antagonist 4-DAMP (1nmol) inhibited the restraint stress-induced pressor response. These findings suggest that M1/M3 muscarinic receptors responsible for blood pressure increase exist in the rostral part of the LSV and they are partly involved in the stress-induced pressor response.

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Author List: Kubo Takao, Okatani Hideaki, Kanaya Tomohiro, Hagiwara Yukihiko, Fukumori Ryuji, Goshima Yoshio

Publication Types: Journal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't

Substances mentioned in the article: Cholinergic Agonists; Cholinesterase Inhibitors; GABA Agonists; Muscarinic Antagonists; Piperidines; Receptors, Muscarinic; Muscimol; Pirenzepine; 4-diphenylacetoxy-1,1-dimethylpiperidinium; Carbachol; Physostigmine; Norepinephrine; Epinephrine;

Mesh terms: Animals; Blood Pressure/drug effects; Carbachol/administration & dosage; Cholinergic Agonists/administration & dosage; Cholinesterase Inhibitors/administration & dosage; Epinephrine/blood; GABA Agonists/administration & dosage; Injections, Intraventricular; Male; Muscarinic Antagonists/administration & dosage; Muscimol/administration & dosage; Norepinephrine/blood; Physostigmine/administration & dosage; Piperidines/administration & dosage; Pirenzepine/administration & dosage; Rats; Rats, Wistar; Receptors, Muscarinic/administration & dosage; Restraint, Physical; Septal Nuclei/drug effects; Stress, Physiological/blood;

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