Structure and antitumor activity of a branched (1----3)-beta-D-glucan from the alkaline extract of Amanita muscaria.

Article date: 1992/2/7

PubMed ID: 1591764

Journal name: Carbohydrate research (ISSN: 0008-6215)


A beta-(1—-6)-branched (1—-3)-beta-D-glucan(AM-ASN) was isolated from the alkaline extract of the fruiting bodies of Amanita muscaria. AM-ASN had [alpha]D - 11 degrees in 0.5 M sodium hydroxide. Its estimated molecular weight was 95,000 in this alkaline solution and 260,000 in a neutral solution. The branches in the glucan were primarily single, (1—-6)-linked D-glucopyranosyl groups, two for every seven residues in the (1—-3)-linked main chain. AM-ASN exhibited significant antitumor activity against Sarcoma 180 in mice, and a mixture of AM-ASN with mitomycin C was more effective against the tumor than mitomycin C only.

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Author List: Kiho T, Katsuragawa M, Nagai K, Ukai S, Haga M

Publication Types: Journal Article

Substances mentioned in the article: Antineoplastic Agents; Glucans; Monosaccharides;

Mesh terms: Amanita/chemistry; Animals; Antineoplastic Agents/chemistry; Carbohydrate Sequence; Glucans/chemistry; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy; Male; Mice; Molecular Sequence Data; Monosaccharides/analysis; Sarcoma, Experimental/drug therapy;

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