Chronic benzodiazepine administration. VIII. Receptor upregulation produced by chronic exposure to the inverse agonist FG-7142.

Article date: 1991/7/1

PubMed ID: 1649296

Journal name: The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics (ISSN: 0022-3565)


Treatment with benzodiazepine agonists is associated with the development of behavioral tolerance and receptor downregulation, whereas antagonist administration has been reported to lead to increased activity and receptor upregulation. To determine the effects of chronic inverse agonist administration, mice were treated with FG-7142 (20 mg/kg/day) by implanted s.c. osmotic pumps for 1 to 14 days. No seizures were observed in FG-7142-exposed animals. Open-field activity was unchanged as compared to controls at days 1 and 2, but was elevated significantly at days 4 and 7. Activity was reduced below control values at day 14. Benzodiazepine receptor binding determined in vivo was unchanged for days 1, 4 and 7 within the hippocampus but was elevated at day 14. Binding remained unchanged in the cortex, cerebellum, hypothalamus and pons-medulla for the duration of drug exposure. Cortical benzodiazepine binding assessed in vitro was unchanged at days 1 and 2 but increased at days 4, 7 and 14 vs. vehicle treated controls. Binding at the gamma-aminobutyric acid site was increased at day 7 whereas binding of t-[35S]butylbicyclophosphoro-thionate was increased at days 7 and 14 of FG-7142 exposure. Maximal muscimol-slimulated [36Cl-] uptake was elevated at days 4, 7 and 14 compared to day 1 of exposure. These results demonstrate that chronic continuous exposure to FG-7142 is associated with an absence of kindled seizures and with behavioral and neurochemical changes indicative of gamma-aminobutyric acidA receptor upregulation.

Author List: Pritchard G A, Galpern W R, Lumpkin M, Miller L G

Publication Types: Journal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't; Research Support, U.S. Gov't, P.H.S.

Substances mentioned in the article: Appetite Depressants; Carbolines; Receptors, GABA-A; Benzodiazepines; Flumazenil; FG 7142;

Mesh terms: Animals; Appetite Depressants/pharmacology; Benzodiazepines/metabolism; Binding Sites; Carbolines/pharmacology; Flumazenil/pharmacology; Injections, Intravenous; Male; Mice; Motor Activity/drug effects; Receptors, GABA-A/drug effects; Up-Regulation/drug effects;

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