Effectiveness of GABAB antagonists in inhibiting baclofen-induced reductions in cytosolic free Ca concentration in isolated melanotrophs of rat.

Article date: 1992/4/1

PubMed ID: 1686069

Journal name: British journal of pharmacology (ISSN: 0007-1188)


1. The purpose of the present experiments was to assess the activities of GABAB receptor antagonists in mammalian isolated melanotrophs. 2. Cytosolic free Ca concentration ([Ca2+]i) in rat melanotrophs in primary culture was monitored with the fluorescent probe, fura-2. 3. (-)-Baclofen lowered [Ca2+]i in a concentration-dependent manner with an EC50 of 0.96 microM. The reduction in [Ca2+]i produced by (-)-baclofen at a maximally effective concentration (100 microM) was similar to that produced by the classic transmitter inhibitory to melanotroph secretion, dopamine, at a corresponding concentration (100 nM), or by perifusion with a nominally Ca-free solution. 4. The GABAB receptor antagonists, 3-aminopropyl(diethoxymethyl)phosphinic acid (CGP 35348), 2-hydroxy saclofen, phaclofen and 4-amino-3-(5-methoxybenzo[b]furan-2-yl) butanoic acid (9H), had inhibitory effects on the reduction in [Ca2+]i produced by (-)-baclofen (3 microM). Of the antagonists tested, CGP 35348 was the most potent with an IC50 of 60 microM, compared to 120 to 400 microM for the others. CGP 35348 acted competitively. 5. CGP 35348 alone had no effect on basal [Ca2+]i, or on the changes in [Ca2+]i produced by dopamine (10 nM) or the specific GABAA receptor agonist, muscimol (10 microM). 6. The evidence indicates that of the antagonists tested, CGP 35348 offers the greatest promise for pharmacological analysis of the functional significance of the GABAB receptors in melanotrophs.

Author List: Shibuya I, Kongsamut S, Douglas W W

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Substances mentioned in the article: GABA-A Receptor Antagonists; Organophosphorus Compounds; phaclofen; CGP 35348; Baclofen; Calcium; 2-hydroxysaclofen;

Mesh terms: Animals; Baclofen/analogs & derivatives; Calcium/metabolism; Cytosol/metabolism; GABA-A Receptor Antagonists; In Vitro Techniques; Male; Organophosphorus Compounds/pharmacology; Pituitary Gland, Anterior/cytology; Rats; Rats, Inbred Strains;

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