Neuronal sites mediating locomotor hyperactivity following central neurokinin agonist administration.

Article date: 1990/10/1

PubMed ID: 1706862

Journal name: Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior (ISSN: 0091-3057)


The stable substance P analog, DiMeC7, increases spontaneous locomotor activity after infusion into the lateral ventricles or median raphe nucleus (MRN). The elevated locomotion observed after intracerebroventricular (ICV) infusion of DiMeC7 was attenuated, but not blocked, by bilateral 6-hydroxydopamine (6OHDA) lesions of the ventral tegmental area (VTA). In contrast, bilateral 6OHDA lesions of the nucleus accumbens (NAS) blocked the motor activity induced by ICV administration of DiMeC7. Similar lesions did not affect the increases in motor behavior observed after MRN infusions of DiMeC7. However, the hyperactivity following MRN microinjections of DiMeC7 was attenuated by intraperitoneal administration of the dopamine (DA) antagonist, haloperidol. The results suggest that ICV infusions of DiMeC7 increase locomotor activity by acting directly on neurons in the NAS and in part by influencing, directly or indirectly, the activity of DA cells in the VTA. The increased motor activity seen after MRN administration of DiMeC7 appears to depend on DA neurons but not on projections to the NAS.

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Author List: Elliott P J, Paris J M, Mitsushio H, Lorens S A

Publication Types: Journal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't

Substances mentioned in the article: Hydroxydopamines; Peptide Fragments; Muscimol; Substance P; substance P (5-11), pGlu(5)-MePhe(8)-MeGly(9)-; Oxidopamine; Haloperidol; Pyrrolidonecarboxylic Acid;

Mesh terms: Animals; Brain/drug effects; Catheterization; Cerebral Ventricles; Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid; Haloperidol/pharmacology; Hydroxydopamines; Infusions, Parenteral; Male; Motor Activity/drug effects; Muscimol/antagonists & inhibitors; Neurons/drug effects; Oxidopamine; Peptide Fragments/administration & dosage; Pyrrolidonecarboxylic Acid/analogs & derivatives; Rats; Rats, Inbred Strains; Substance P/administration & dosage; Tegmentum Mesencephali;

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