Analysis of an experimental cortical network: I). Architectonics of visual areas 17 and 18 after neonatal injections of ibotenic acid; similarities with human microgyria.

Article date: 1991/1/1

PubMed ID: 1868117

Journal name: Journal of neural transplantation & plasticity (ISSN: 0792-8483)


Lesions of cortical areas 17 and 18 have been produced in newborn kittens by local injections of the excitotoxin ibotenic acid (ibo). Twenty-four hours after an injection on postnatal days 2 or 3, the gray matter of areas 17 and 18 near the center of the injection appears completely destroyed, with the exception of a one-to-two cell-thick layer at the bottom of layer I. Intact migrating neurons and radial glia can be found light- and electron-microscopically in the region affected. During the following weeks a several hundred micron thick cortex reforms. In the adult, this cortex consists of superficial layers I, II and III as proven by cytoarchitectonics, continuity with the corresponding layers of the normal cortex and cellular composition. We believe that the recovery is due to completion of migration by neurons spared by the ibo injection. More severe destruction of cerebral cortex, i.e. complete loss of the neuronal layers or their reduction to a few cell-thick mantles can be obtained with ibo injections at the end of the second or, respectively, first postnatal week. Severity of lesion also depends on the dose of ibo injected. There are interesting similarities between the ibo-injured cortex and two human neocortical displasias: microgyria and ulegyria.

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Author List: Innocenti G M, Berbel P

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Substances mentioned in the article: Ibotenic Acid; Atropine;

Mesh terms: Aging/physiology; Animals; Animals, Newborn/physiology; Atropine/pharmacology; Brain/ultrastructure; Cats; Epilepsy/pathology; Female; Humans; Ibotenic Acid/toxicity; Microscopy, Electron; Middle Aged; Visual Cortex/growth & development;

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