The anatomical pathway from the mesodiencephalic junction to the inferior olive relays perioral sensory signals to the cerebellum in the mouse.

Article date: 2018/6/7

PubMed ID: 488210

Journal name: The Journal of physiology (ISSN: 1469-7793)

DOI: 10.1113/JP275836


Perioral tactile signals are transmitted via the infraorbital nerve (ION) to trigeminal nuclei. Each cerebellar Purkinje cell receives this signal as complex spikes (CSs) via a climbing fibre emerging from the inferior olive (IO). However, the anatomical pathway from the trigeminal nuclei to the IO is not clearly identified. In the present study, we recorded CSs from Purkinje cells in male mice by single unit recording, and examined the signal transduction pathway. CSs were evoked by electrical stimulation of the ipsilateral or contralateral ION with a latency of 20-70 ms. CS generation by ipsilateral ION stimulation was inhibited by injection of a GABA

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