Autoradiographic mapping of spirodecanone binding-sites in the hippocampal region of the rat. Evidence for a localization on intrinsic neurons.

Article date: 1984/5/4

PubMed ID: 6330621

Journal name: Neuroscience letters (ISSN: 0304-3940)


The method of in vitro receptor autoradiography was used to map the distribution of spirodecanone binding-sites in the rat hippocampal region. Incubations of horizontal sections through the hippocampus with [3H]spiperone (1 nM) resulted in dense labeling restricted to the pyramid cell layer in CA1, the parasubiculum and layers I and II of the entorhinal area (EA), while the other hippocampal subfields contained moderate to low binding. ADTN, serotonin, ketanserin and mianserin (1-100 microM) all failed to displace the [3H]spiperone in the layers of densest binding, while displacement of the [3H]spiperone binding occurred with high concentrations of spiperone (1 microM) and haloperidol (100 microM). Intra-entorhinal injections of the neurotoxin ibotenic acid prevented [3H]spiperone binding to layers I and II of the EA, while transections of septal and commissural afferents or the degeneration of serotonin and noradrenaline terminals appeared not to reduce the [3H]spiperone binding in any part of the hippocampal region. These findings suggest that spirodecanone binding-sites are located on intrinsic neurons in restricted laminae of the hippocampal region.

Author List: Köhler C

Publication Types: Comparative Study; Journal Article

Substances mentioned in the article: Butyrophenones; Piperidines; Receptors, Cell Surface; Receptors, Dopamine; Tetrahydronaphthalenes; spirodecanone receptor; Mianserin; Serotonin; Spiperone; ADTN; Ketanserin; Haloperidol;

Mesh terms: Animals; Autoradiography; Binding, Competitive; Brain Mapping; Butyrophenones/metabolism; Haloperidol/metabolism; Hippocampus/metabolism; Ketanserin; Male; Mianserin/metabolism; Piperidines/metabolism; Rats; Rats, Inbred Strains; Receptors, Cell Surface/metabolism; Receptors, Dopamine; Serotonin/metabolism; Spiperone/metabolism; Tetrahydronaphthalenes/metabolism;

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