Metabolic studies on retinal tissue from a donor with a dominantly inherited chorioretinal degeneration resembling sectoral retinitis pigmentosa.

Article date: 1984/2/1

PubMed ID: 6709333

Journal name: Ophthalmology (ISSN: 0161-6420)


Protein synthesis, glycosylation, RNA synthesis, and neurotransmitter uptake were monitored using biochemical and autoradiographic techniques following in vitro labeling of retinal tissue from a 79-year-old female with sectoral retinitis pigmentosa (RP). Comparisons were made between degenerate and non-degenerate regions of the RP retina, and normal retinal tissues from an age- and postmortem-matched donor. Autoradiographs of non-degenerate retina from the RP eye following 3H-uridine incubation revealed virtually identical silver grain density over nuclei in all retinal strata as compared to normal control retinas. In contrast, a photoreceptor-specific reduction in silver grain density in the non-degenerate RP retina was noted following 3H-leucine incubation. In the normal retina, rod photoreceptor labeling with 3H-mannose was always greater than cone photoreceptor labeling. This pattern of incorporation was reversed in the non-degenerate region of the RP retina where rod photoreceptor labeling was less pronounced than that observed for cone photoreceptors. In non-degenerate regions of the RP retina, a marked accumulation of 3H-GABA by the Müller's cells was observed. Few cells exhibited selective uptake of 3H-muscimol, a GABA analog, indicating that few GABAergic neurons remained in the degenerate retina. 3H-dopamine-accumulating cell terminals were observed in the usual positions in the non-degenerate RP retina. In the degenerate region of the RP retina, heavy and diffuse uptake of 3H-GABA and 3H-muscimol, respectively, into broad cellular processes were noted, whereas 3H-dopamine was accumulated by only a few punctate terminals.

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Author List: Hollyfield J G, Frederick J M, Tabor G A, Ulshafer R J

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Substances mentioned in the article: Amino Acids; Trichloroacetic Acid; Leucine; Mannose; Uridine;

Mesh terms: Aged; Amino Acids/metabolism; Choroid/metabolism; Culture Techniques; Female; Humans; Leucine/metabolism; Mannose/metabolism; Photoreceptor Cells/metabolism; Retinal Degeneration/diagnosis; Retinitis Pigmentosa/diagnosis; Trichloroacetic Acid/metabolism; Uridine/metabolism; Uveal Diseases/diagnosis;

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